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Frequently Ask Questions

Can I register for a course without having to register for the exam?

Yes, there is an exam check box on the course registration page, by un-checking this box you can register and start the course content. When you are ready, you can go back and register/pay for the exam.

How long will my certifications be valid? Will they expire like they did in the old system?

Certifications will no longer expire. We will present a series of update certification courses should there be significant changes to either the hardware or software of a specific platform. You will be notified of the new certification requirement by a variety of methods including the NTAC News Blast and a banner on the new training webpage.

How long will items remain in my cart?

72 hours

When I place an enrollment for a live class in my cart, does this reserve my space in the class?

No. Payment must be made to secure/confirm a seat in the class.

If I fail an exam, do I still email training to reset it?

No. Students are allowed one attempt to pass the exam within the allotted time. Each subsequent attempt will require students to enroll and pay the exam fee.

If my exam expires, can I email training to reset it?

Students will need to re-register for the exam and pay the test fee on the NECAM Training site; this is considered an additional attempt. Effective August 4, 2014, if you have a course or expired exam in MyNECLearning, the Training Center will no longer reset either one. You will need to register for the course/exam in the new NECAM Training System.

How long does it take to receive a new User ID once I submit the form?

We ask that you allow 24 hours for us to process the request. We make every effort to respond the same day you submit the User Profile Form.

Can I use CO-OP Funds to pay for training?

Yes. CO-Op will continue to work as it always has, there are no changes. Customers will continue to enroll for the course (live or online) using the credit card payment method. When the course is completed you will need to submit the receipt to the CO-OP administrator for reimbursement.

Can I use Associate Achievement Dollars for training?

Associate Achievement dollars may be used toward live class tuition only. It may not be used to pay for online training.

If we have questions, who can we call?

Please email to request a call. Please include your name, telephone number and a general description of your question or issue; screen shots of any problems you are having would be helpful. One of our training center staff will return your call as soon as possible.

What happens if I come across a question and none of the answers provided to select from are right?

Answer the question and finish the exam. Please make sure the documentation you are using for the exam is the same version as the material covered in the course. If it is, take a screen shot of the question and send an email to that includes the screenshot and your rationale for why you believe the question/answer to be incorrect. We will have the subject matter experts review your challenge and reply to you as quickly as we possibly can. Credit for the question will be provided if it is an error on our part.

How long do I have to finish my courses in MyNECLearning?

You will have until September 5th, 2014 5PM CST to complete all courses and exams that are active in MyNECLearning; MyNECLearning will be taken off line at that time. As a reminder, if you have a course or exam that expires or a failed exam attempt, the Training Center will no longer reset either these effective August 4, 2014. You will need to register for the course and/or exam in the new NECAM Training System.

If I have a question regarding sales training, who do I contact?

Please email

How do I have a new tech or sales profile created or make changes to the existing profile?

Please email and request a user profile request sheet. We will email the form to you with instructions. The NTC manages sales training profiles, technical training profiles and end user profiles.

I have an end user that wants to attend training, can they?

End users are welcome to attend any of our courses or live classes. They must have an associate sponsored user profile to access the training site. Please email and request a user profile request sheet. We will email the form to you with instructions.

Contact NTC

If you need additional information you can contact the NTC by emailing