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NECAM Training Center

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NECAM Training Center

Welcome to the National Training Center


Certification Exams expire 10 calendar days from the date and exact time of enrollment/payment.

You can enroll for the course content only at no charge by deselecting the Purchase box on the payment page. Please contact if you have any questions or issues with this site.

***NEW COURSES now available: UNIVERGE Business ConneCT (BCT) 8.X Basic Contact Center Certification - NTC6834202; UNIVERGE Business ConneCT (BCT) 8.X Advanced Contact Center Certification - NTC6834502; UNIVERGE Business ConneCT (BCT) 8.X Business ConneCT Supervisor - NTC6834702; UNIVERGE Business ConneCT (BCT) 8.X Business ConneCT Operator - NTC6834802; UNIVERGE Business ConneCT (BCT) 8.X Business ConneCT Agent - NTC6834902; UCE Desktop (UC700) 2016 Installation and Configuration Certification Course - NTC7532511; UCE Mobility (MC550) 2016 Installation and Configuration Certification Course - NTC5632501; IPVSR Installation and Configuration - NTC7312500 (non-certification); UNIVERGE SV9100 Advanced NetLink - NTC3222415; UCE Platform (OW5000) 2016 Installation & Configuration Certification Course - NTC7532501; UCE Attendant 2016 (UNIVERGE UA5200) Installation & Configuration Certification Course - NTC7532521 - Certification Exam Fee for new certification courses is $39 ***

NEC Cloud Services

About the NECAM Training Center

NEC offers comprehensive training services to its channel partners, dealers and associate sponsored end users via the National Training Center (NTC). The National Training Center catalog provides online sales training, online basic and advanced product certification training in addition to a limited number of live traditional classroom options. The NTC live classroom training experience provides hands-on instruction for hardware technology operation, testing trouble shooting, customer-specific requirements and more.

Why NEC Live Training?

  • Factory Certified Instructors
  • Classes are limited to 8 to 12 students
  • Instructors possess high levels of equipment knowledge, business experience and teaching ability
  • Optimum ratio of students to equipment
  • Comfortable, state-of-the-art training facilities
  • Classes consist of both lecture and hands-on exercises
  • 24 x 7 support for Certified Technicians of Authorized Associates